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Direct Mail Now - 3 Reasons Why

By Erik Haug

CoronavirusFaceCoverings_large-story-1Covid-19, the deadly Coronavirus pandemic still claiming lives at an alarming pace, has not peaked in many states. Yet in response to the growing number of protests demanding an end to financially crippling business and social restrictions, some states have already started allowing non-essential businesses to reopen. Many states are taking a cautious approach, easing restrictions gradually based on the data, looking for concrete evidence of declining infection rates. 

Why PURLs are Marketing Gems for Your Business

By Kyle Kennedy

ScreenShot2015-03-12at12.53.26PM.pngIt's all about smart marketing these days. You can have the classiest looking website with all of the latest bells and whistles, but if no one is visiting, or if most of your visitors take flight in less than a minute of hitting your site, something is not working.

Even if you have studied search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing, it is important to realize that thousands of others have read the same papers and guides and are likely applying the same tactics that you are trying. This is truly a case of following the crowds and feeling left behind in the dust.

There is a better solution, almost a hidden marketing treasure that few people have uncovered so far.

Using Incongruity in Direct Mail to Maximize Response

By Erik Haug


Take a moment to think about which TV ads you remember most from years past. Chances are the ads you remember most are either the funniest or out of the ordinary. Two of my favorite ads both debuted during Super Bowls. One is the Betty White Snickers commercial created by BBDO North America from 2010, You’re Not Yourself When You’re Hungry. Betty White is playing a rough game of football and turns into a young man after eating a Snickers bar. The other is Cat Herders, made by Fallon in 2000 for Electronic Data Systems (EDS). In this one grizzled cowboys herd thousands of cats like cattle. My all-time favorite is the Quiznos commercial from 2004 which featured two rodent-like creatures, dubbed spongemonkeys, singing about loving Quiznos subs. One is wearing an old fashioned bowler hat and the other is wearing a seafaring hat and playing guitar. The ad created by the Martin Agency in Richmond generated a huge amount of buzz. People were divided, either loving or hating the ad. Quiznos saw a 400% increase in unique visits to its website in the month the ad aired on TV and the campaign is considered one of the first to go viral.

Design Great Mail Guide 1.0 with Print Enhancement Techniques

By Ann Marie Keene

UNLIMITED - Content for You! Design Great Mail Guide 1.0

The UNLIMITED - Content for You! publication kicks-off our Direct Mail(Simplified) Series with content from Trish Witkowski, We are excited to also introduce two print enhancement techniques - Scodix Coating and motioncutter® digital high-speed laser die cutting to our suite of product offerings. Both of these new additions are showcased on the cover of the UNLIMITED publication. 

Google Algorithm Rewards Mobile-Friendly Sites: Here's What You Need to Know

By Ann Marie Keene



On Tuesday, April 21st, 2015, Google made a massive change to the way it ranks websites. The change comes down to one very important criterion: whether your website, landing pages, and blog are fully optimized for mobile. 

Part Two: 10 Best Practices in Personalized URLs - Whitepaper Download

By Ann Marie Keene



Last week we highlighted the 10 Best Practices in Personalized URLs and this week we are going to look at the use of personalized URLs as a way to gather customer and prospect data, score leads, start conversations, and turn marketing into an interactive process. In this exclusive whitepaper, Best Practices for Personalized URLs, learn what PURLs are, how to use them and how they can bring your business success.

Part One: 10 Best Practices in Personalized URLs - Whitepaper Download

By Ann Marie Keene



It started as a trickle and now it’s a flood – the promotion and use of personalized URLs as the latest way to grab attention, market products, and communicate with customers and prospects.

In the Best Practices for Personalized URLs Whitepaper, we dig deep into the top 10 best practices for implementing these campaigns PLUS provide many tips, case studies and even a chance to test drive creating your own PURL in a multi-channel campaign through the JR University demo.

The John Roberts Company wins GPA Award + Ideas for Variable Print and Digital Marketing Personalization

By Ann Marie Keene



The John Roberts Company is proud to be announced as a Best of Category winner for GPA's 2014 Print and Design Contest for their HP Indigo 10000 highly variable 2014 Wall Calendar. 

Introducing JR Crystal Clear Tabs

By Mark Kuehn



At John Roberts we strive to couple our innovative spirit with active listening skills, in order to develop solutions to our clients’ business challenges. Producing direct mail provides ample opportunities for us to demonstrate these skills.

Mail piece tabs are an example of an instance where mail owners are searching for better options and the USPS rules seem to be making it more difficult. We are happy to announce JR Crystal-Clear Tabs as a solution to this problem.

USPS proposes $900m rate increase

By Ann Marie Keene


The U.S. Postal Service is seeking regulatory approval for a near 2% increase in its prices for monopoly services for business customers. If the regulator approves the price increase, it is scheduled to take effect on Monday, April 27, 2015. 

The U.S. Postal Service told customers that the 1.966% rate increase, restricted by its annual price cap to the rate of inflation, would bring in about $900m in additional revenue. The Federal Agency generated $67.8bn total revenue in 2014.