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Practical Neuromarketing Tactics


  1. Embrace Simplicity in Fonts for Clarity and Action

    • "Brainfluence" advises using simple, clear fonts in some marketing elements.  Complex fonts can deter engagement, leading to lost leads. Simplicity in design and content makes it easier for consumers to interact and respond in the cyber world, but the rules change for printed material.  It's where we can really pull your customer in with a dash of foil, spot UV, or even a scented ink - things the internet can only dream of doing.  

  2. Use Complex Fonts for Memory and Attention

    • While key information should be in simple fonts, complex fonts have their place in enhancing memory recall and grabbing attention. They can make your material more intriguing and are effective for headers and emphasis.  

  3. Leverage Gaze Direction in Images

    • According to James Breeze's research, featured in "Brainfluence," people tend to follow individuals' gaze in ads. This can be a subtle yet powerful way to direct consumer attention to specific elements in marketing materials.

  4. Build Trust with Reciprocal Trust Strategies

    • Building a rapport with customers involves earning their trust and showing trust towards them. This can be achieved through offering unrestricted dialogue about what is possible, creating easy entry points, sharing valuable information without stringent conditions, and presenting a friendly, smiling face in marketing. The idea is to create an environment of mutual trust, enhancing customer loyalty.  Here at John Roberts, one of our hallmarks is the phenomenal customer testimonials we receive.  Our website could not host anything else if we posted every comment; regardless, check it out and see what current customers say about our processes and service.

In summary, neuromarketing is about aligning marketing strategies with consumers' innate preferences and behaviors. Businesses can create more effective and engaging marketing campaigns by understanding and applying these psychological insights.


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