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Direct Mail Is Back


Remember the days when your mailbox overflowed with flyers and coupons? It seems like just yesterday, everyone jumped ship from traditional marketing to the digital world. But guess what? The tide is turning. Direct mail is making a comeback, and brands that are quick to adapt will be the ones reaping the rewards.


David Villa, a marketing guru and CEO of IPD explains why direct mail is no longer a relic of the past. He highlights the shift in consumer behavior – our inboxes are overflowing with emails, while our mailboxes are often neglected.  This presents a unique opportunity for businesses to cut through the digital clutter and grab attention with a tangible piece of mail. 


This sway in current trends is getting the attention of leading voices in the industry, giving a similar message and vote of confidence.  This is also where John Roberts has a stellar history and proven ROI.  Learn how our carefully crafted processes prioritize your success, honed over many decades of refinement. We aim to seamlessly guide you through the process, eliminating barriers to save you valuable time and resources. 


The numbers speak for themselves. Studies show that direct mail boasts a whopping 43% ROI, proving its effectiveness in driving conversions.  But how can you leverage this trend in the digital age?


A Beautiful Blend of Both Worlds 

The idea is a strategic blend of traditional and digital marketing efforts.  Imagine this: a targeted social media ad followed by a personalized mailer that reinforces your brand message. This multi-pronged approach ensures your brand stays at the forefront of your target audience's mind.


The Power of Two Worlds Colliding

Combining these seemingly disparate strategies can expand your reach and significantly boost conversions. Research suggests that customers exposed to your brand across different platforms are likelier to remember and engage with you.  


Making the Shift: From Screens to Mailboxes

There's no denying that launching a direct mail campaign requires some upfront investment. But don't be discouraged! For marketers new to print, partnering with experienced professionals to get your feet wet will set you apart.  


The Future 

The key to success lies in embracing change. Just as you adapted to the digital revolution, it's time to consider incorporating tried-and-true traditional methods into your marketing mix.


The beauty is in flexibility. QR codes can bridge the gap between print and digital, allowing customers to transition seamlessly from a physical mailer to your online presence. Personalized URLs and social media handles can provide additional touchpoints for interested customers.


Don't wait to capitalize on this trend! The window of opportunity is open. Harness the power of this new blended approach and watch your brand engagement soar.


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