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Learn Why Omnichannel Marketing is Trending


As an omnichannel commercial printer and packaging company, we understand the importance of cohesive, cross-platform marketing strategies in today's diverse media landscape. By offering comprehensive printing and packaging solutions, we empower businesses to maintain a consistent and engaging presence across all channels—digital, direct mail, or traditional media. This integration is crucial for building brand recognition and customer loyalty, as it ensures a seamless and personalized customer experience at every touchpoint.


Our expertise in printing and packaging allows us to deliver high-quality, customized products that meet the exact needs of our clients. Whether you're looking to launch a targeted direct mail campaign with personalized URLs (PURLs) or need sophisticated packaging designs that stand out on the shelf, our services are designed to support your marketing efforts effectively and efficiently.


Why Personalized URLs (PURLs) Are Essential for Modern Marketing

In digital marketing, having an impressive website loaded with the latest features is crucial. Still, it’s not enough if it doesn't attract visitors or if those visitors leave quickly. Effective marketing today goes beyond basic search engine optimization (SEO) and email campaigns, especially since these techniques are widely used and can result in diminishing returns.


A PURL, or Personalized URL, emerges as a unique solution in this crowded landscape. A PURL allows for direct and personalized communication with each customer, enhancing the relevance and impact of your marketing efforts. For example, instead of directing every prospect to a generic page like www.bestclientservices.com/springsale, a PURL would direct a prospect named Tom Selleck to a personal URL like TomSelleck.springoffer.com, which is more memorable and uniquely tailored to him.


Key Components of PURL Marketing:


  1. Integration with Marketing Channels: Utilizing your contact data, PURLs can be integrated seamlessly across various channels, including print, direct mail, and email, allowing for a cohesive and personalized marketing strategy.

  2. Direct Mail Component: The tactile nature of receiving a personalized postcard or letter can be compelling. Each piece of mail can direct recipients to a PURL, which includes their name, making the call to action highly personalized and effective.

  3. Web Landing Page Component: The success of a PURL campaign largely depends on the landing page’s ability to capture the visitor's attention quickly. A well-designed landing page communicating the offer within seconds is crucial to retaining potential customers.

Expected Outcomes from a PURL Campaign:

The granularity of tracking offered by PURLs is unmatched. You can monitor exactly when someone visited their personalized URL and how they interacted with the content, providing precise data to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.


Getting Started with PURL Marketing:

To implement PURL marketing, you can partner with a print and mail service provider with the necessary technology to provide flexibility depending on your resources and needs.


If you would like more insights into PURL marketing and how to leverage them in your next campaign, please reach out, and we'll connect you with our in-house team of experts.  


Do you have any questions about PURL marketing or success stories to share? Engage with us to learn more about enhancing your marketing strategies with PURLs.




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