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Memorial Weekend


As we approach Memorial Weekend, we pay tribute to the courageous men and women who have made sacrifices for our freedom. Their bravery and unwavering commitment inspire us and motivate us to pursue excellence in all we do.  While many of us look forward to outdoor family activities by the water in the coming days, let's intentionally pause to reflect and show our gratitude.  


Often, I've heard people ask what they can do to show honor; here are a couple of ideas:


  1. Attend a Memorial Service: Participate in local ceremonies or parades that honor fallen soldiers. It’s a powerful way to show respect and connect with the community.

  2. Visit a Veterans Cemetery: Lay flowers or flags on the graves of service members. This simple act of remembrance can make a significant impact.

  3. Support Military Families: Reach out to families of fallen soldiers with a note of appreciation or by offering help and support. Your kindness can provide comfort during this poignant time.

  4. Donate to Veterans’ Organizations: Contribute to charities that support veterans and their families. Organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project, USO, and Fisher House Foundation do incredible work.

  5. Share Their Stories: Use social media or local forums to share stories of heroism and sacrifice. Highlighting individual experiences keeps their legacy alive and educates others about the significance of Memorial Day.

  6. Buy Lunch: Showing gratitude to those who have made significant sacrifices to protect our freedoms can have a profound impact—treating them to a meal, whether lunch or dinner, can convey appreciation beyond words.   

We are wishing everyone a reflective and peaceful Memorial Weekend.


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