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Vice President of Client Services at The John Roberts Company


Welcome to The John Roberts Company, the premier commercial printer in the heart of Minneapolis. Behind every successful printing business, a dedicated professional team ensures that customers receive top-notch services and unwavering support. Today, we spotlight the pivotal role of the Vice President of Client Services, the driving force behind building strong client relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction.  


Allow us to introduce Emily Schultz, a seasoned professional with an illustrious 17-year career in the print industry, with the last nine years dedicated to The John Roberts Company. Her invaluable contributions and expertise have played a pivotal role in our operational success, particularly in navigating the intricacies of a challenging business landscape.     


  • Cultivating meaningful customer relationships is the core of the responsibilities of the Vice President of Client Services.  Emily bridges trust between The John Roberts Company and our valued customers by constantly working with her team as their primary point of contact.   They collaborate with various departments to ensure seamless communication and timely delivery of projects. Their friendly demeanor and genuine care for clients are crucial in transforming business transactions into long-term partnerships by building a team focused on providing top customer service - they are the pinnacle of a high-functioning team. 


  • Attention to customers’ needs and goals is paramount.  Emily has trained her team to diligently listen to customers’ requirements, concerns, and feedback, gaining valuable insights to tailor services better.  By being empathetic and responsive, she and the Customer Service team build a solid foundation that increases customer satisfaction.


  • No business journey lacks obstacles; Emily addresses them gracefully and efficiently. Whether troubleshooting a technical issue, managing tight deadlines, or resolving conflicts, she is a calming influence and finds practical solutions. Customers can rest assured that they are in capable hands even during the most challenging times.


  • In the rapidly evolving world of commercial printing, staying ahead requires adaptability and constant growth.  Emily spearheads initiatives to enhance the quality of services The John Roberts Company provides. By staying updated on industry trends, seeking client feedback, and collaborating with the team, she ensures that the company remains a frontrunner in delivering cutting-edge solutions.


  • At the helm of every project, the Vice President of Client Services orchestrates a symphony of seamless execution. With a sharp focus on customer satisfaction, she collaborates closely with the production team, ensuring every detail aligns with the client's expectations, budgets, and timelines. This flawless project management is the backbone of The John Roberts Company's esteemed reputation for excellence. 

    The seamless flow of communication and coordination among her team and critical stakeholders further solidifies our position as industry leaders. A true leader, Emily has given her team the power of decision-making and entrusted them to execute customer projects with utmost confidence. Her empowering approach fosters a sense of ownership and accountability and ignites a spark of innovation within her team, driving them toward unparalleled success.


  • Beyond delivering successful projects, Emily, and the team, understand the diverse services offered by The John Roberts Company; they identify opportunities to provide customers with comprehensive solutions that align with their needs.



At The John Roberts Company, Emily Schultz, Vice President of Client Services, epitomizes commitment, adaptability, and empathy. This pivotal position is critical to building enduring partnerships and drives The John Roberts Company's mission to make each customer’s printing journey an exceptional and rewarding experience.




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