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Rethinking Traditional Touchpoints


Elevating Your Brand Experience 


Rethinking Traditional Touchpoints


Welcome to the digital age—a realm of data analytics, AI-driven strategies, and perhaps an overdose of buzzwords that make "old school" methods like direct mailers and packaging seem archaic. But here's the twist: these traditional touchpoints are far from obsolete and have decades of evidence to show they are effective. They offer a tactile dimension to customer engagement that digital platforms cannot replicate. The John Roberts Company, a seasoned player in the commercial printing domain, believes that mastering these touchpoints could be your ticket to a more robust marketing ecosystem.


The Psychology of Direct Mailers


Direct Mail: A Disruptive Approach

In the age of information overload, the physicality of a direct mailer does more than capture attention—it provides a break from digital monotony. A direct mailer is not just another message vying for attention on a screen; it's a tangible item that consumers can touch and feel. This sensory experience stimulates memory retention, making brand recall far more effective.   

Precision Over Broad Strokes

The "spray and pray" marketing approach is inefficient and outdated. Direct mail allows you to drill down to the specifics, targeting customers based on geographic, demographic, or psychographic criteria. The result? A campaign that resonates on a more personal, individualized level.

ROI Transparency: Cutting Through the Ambiguity

ROI is the three letters that justify or sink a marketing campaign. While some digital marketing metrics can feel like reading tea leaves, direct mail offers a straightforward method to track performance through promotional codes, QR scans, or other avenues.


The Art and Strategy of Custom Packaging


Packaging as the "Unsaid" Brand Ambassador

What is the first thing your customer sees upon receiving your product? The packaging. It's the silent ambassador of your brand—the first tactile experience a customer has with the product they've been anticipating. Make it memorable, and it can transform into free marketing when shared on social media.

A Win-Win for Consumers and Sustainability

As brands evolve, so does the conversation around environmental responsibility. Custom packaging allows you the flexibility to incorporate sustainable materials while also adding a touch of corporate social responsibility to your brand image.


Why Partner with The John Roberts Company?


Expertise Meets Innovation

At The John Roberts Company, the synergy of decades-long expertise with cutting-edge technology ensures that your direct mailers and packaging meet and exceed expectations.

Quality as a Non-Negotiable

In a competitive market, every impression counts. Our commitment to quality ensures that your brand is presented in the most professional, aesthetically pleasing manner possible.


Our agile processes and state-of-the-art technology ensure that your projects are completed on schedule—because we understand that "time is money" isn't just a phrase; it's a business reality.  We prioritize three key factors: exceptional service, uncompromising quality, and competitive pricing.


Remember the irreplaceable value of tangible brand touchpoints in our quest to stay ahead in the digital game. In a world of distractions, the tactile experience of direct mailers and custom packaging can serve as potent reminders of your brand's value proposition.


Would you be interested in integrating these into your marketing strategy? Please get in touch with The John Roberts Company and let us help you craft a multi-dimensional brand experience that resonates online and offline. 

763-755-5500  success@johnroberts.com



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