5 Considerations why you may not need a BRC and BRE anymore...OR you may.

by Wendi Breuer



You may have noticed that your direct mail packages no longer include the business reply card(BRC) and business return envelope(BRE) anymore. 

This leads us to question if the "full-dress direct mail package" is as effective as it once was in the past. 

We review 5 reasons why these components may have been eliminated from direct mail campaigns. 

It's Time to Scream and Mohawk Dimensional Products Make it Easy!

by Wendi Breuer


With products like the Mowhawk
Dimensional Megaphone, it is now easier
than ever to produce small quantities of
personalized or variable namesproducts that deliver a high-value impact!

FOLD of the WEEK: Personalized Luggage Looking Mailer

by Wendi Breuer



The Personalized Luggage Looking Mailer was featured as the "Fold of the WEEK" by Trish Witkowski from foldfactory.com. 

The invite was designed and produced by HP for a DSCOOP event. 

Why does The John Roberts Company think this is a cool piece?

The Benefits of Storefronts and Fulfillment when used as a Collaborative Solution

by Jayson Wold

First, you may be wondering, what exactly
is a storefront? A storefront is an online
portal where you can order your company's
print, namesdigital marketing and promotional products from anywhere at anytime.

What are some of the benefits that may make a storefront and fulfillment collaboration the right solution for you?

online   Storefront

  • Order digital assets(emails, PDF's, e-newsletters, etc)
  • Order static or variable printing
  • Receive corporate identity and branding protection
  • Free up your budget 
  • Eliminate obsolescent materials 
  • Order wherever you are, what you want and when you want it
  • Proof your project online 

WHITE PAPER: Analyzing The Success of a Marketing Campaign

by Wendi Breuer


Benefits of using Variable Data Printing

by Wendi Breuer


namesWhen marketers begin to evaluate the success of personalized campaigns, one of the first questions they ask is, “How much does it cost?” The second question is often, “What kind of response rates will I get?”

5 Ideas for Low Budget Direct Mail Formats

by Wendi Breuer



If you're a regular reader of blogs, you probably come across great articles that you just want everyone to know about, hence, our re-post of Trish Witkowski's article in The Binding Edge on "Low-Budget Wonders: Get the Look of Specialty without the Price Tag".

Paper Sturdiness Enhances Quality Perception and Response!

by Wendi Breuer



Today at The John Roberts Company we were fortunate to have MeadWestvaco Corporation (MWV), a paper company, visit us and WOW was it a pleasant surprise! 

Terri Krysan, Account Manager for their Commerical Printing Division, did a great presentation on how the sturdiness of paper enhances quality perception and increases ROI on direct mail campaigns. 

FOLD of the WEEK: Engaging Visual Trick

by Wendi Breuer



The Oktoberfest Self-Mailer Invite was featured as the "Fold of the WEEK" by Trish Witkowski from foldfactory.com. 

The invite was designed by Tina Tanchin for Productivity, Inc. and produced by The John Roberts Company.  

How to Save 2% on Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

by Rhea Friederichs


The USPS is currently offering several promotions designed to save postage dollars for your direct marketing efforts - specifically direct mail. The Earned Value Reply Mail Promotion and the Premium Advertising Promotion are both running now through June 30, 2014. And, approaching fast is the Mail & Digital Personalization Promotion, which is scheduled to run from May 1 through June 30, 2014. This is the most relevant promotion for the majority of our multi-channel Customers and for those considering a good time to give cross media a try.

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