by Ann Marie Keene


BigVariablePrintWhat HP Digital Press offers the capability of printing X-Large formats, i.e. 20 x 29.5? The HP Indigo 10000 and we have one! From unique large direct mail pieces like the one featured on Fold of the Week from to a 6 x 9 self mailer that opens up to a large poster, the HP 10000 finally allows this capability. 

Which is Better - Frequency or Reach?

by Trish Witkowski,


Rock The MailboxOften marketers make the decision to cast a wider net rather than send a smaller list of prospects multiple mailings. While you may reach a wider group by sending to the larger list, bear in mind that marketing is a relationship, and that it is very difficult to establish a relationship with only one point of contact. So, the next time you consider sending 100,000 mailpieces to an extended list, consider sending 25,000 solid prospects four mailings instead. 

Rock Star Partnership - and The John Roberts Company

by Ann Marie Keene


Rock The MailboxStarting this fall, The John Roberts Company has partnered with industry "rock star" Trish Witkowski of to bring their customers a valuable series of publications, in-person workshops and tools that will give them the knowledge, inspiration and the confidence needed to create direct mail that performs. In this 12 month series customers will:

Experience the Power of a 'Bookbook"

by Ann Marie Keene



Great advertisements need to be shared! As noted in IKEA's hilarious ad for its new catalog 'Bookbook' they showcase the coolest, sleekest new gadget on the market! 

5 Considerations why you may not need a BRC and BRE anymore...OR you may.

by Ann Marie Keene



You may have noticed that your direct mail packages no longer include the business reply card(BRC) and business return envelope(BRE) anymore. 

This leads us to question if the "full-dress direct mail package" is as effective as it once was in the past. 

We review 5 reasons why these components may have been eliminated from direct mail campaigns. 

It's Time to Scream and Mohawk Dimensional Products Make it Easy!

by Ann Marie Keene


With products like the Mowhawk
Dimensional Megaphone, it is now easier
than ever to produce small quantities of
personalized or variable namesproducts that deliver a high-value impact!

FOLD of the WEEK: Personalized Luggage Looking Mailer

by Ann Marie Keene



The Personalized Luggage Looking Mailer was featured as the "Fold of the WEEK" by Trish Witkowski from 

The invite was designed and produced by HP for a DSCOOP event. 

Why does The John Roberts Company think this is a cool piece?

The Benefits of Storefronts and Fulfillment when used as a Collaborative Solution

by Ann Marie Keene

First, you may be wondering, what exactly
is a storefront? A storefront is an online
portal where you can order your company's
print, namesdigital marketing and promotional products from anywhere at anytime.

What are some of the benefits that may make a storefront and fulfillment collaboration the right solution for you?

online   Storefront

  • Order digital assets(emails, PDF's, e-newsletters, etc)
  • Order static or variable printing
  • Receive corporate identity and branding protection
  • Free up your budget 
  • Eliminate obsolescent materials 
  • Order wherever you are, what you want and when you want it
  • Proof your project online 

WHITE PAPER: Analyzing The Success of a Marketing Campaign

by Ann Marie Keene


Benefits of using Variable Data Printing

by Ann Marie Keene


namesWhen marketers begin to evaluate the success of personalized campaigns, one of the first questions they ask is, “How much does it cost?” The second question is often, “What kind of response rates will I get?”

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