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Discover the Secret to Jaw-Dropping Response Rates with Personalized Direct Mail


Are you considering incorporating variable direct mail into your marketing strategy? If you are a potential customer seeking help from The John Roberts Company, we understand your concerns and are here to help. In this article, we'll talk about three common concerns and highlight the actions you should take to ensure a successful and impactful direct mail campaign.


  1. Data Management and Personalization Accuracy: At The John Roberts Company, we prioritize accurate data management and personalized content to enhance the effectiveness of your direct mail. To address this concern effectively, consider the following actions:

a) Streamlined Data Organization: Our team will work closely with you to organize and segment your customer data accurately, ensuring that each direct mail piece is personalized with the correct information.


b) Collaborative Communication: It's one of the hallmarks of our success.  We value open communication and will actively involve you in the data-handling process. We have robust protocols to safeguard your data and ensure its accuracy throughout printing.


c) Thorough Testing and Proofing: Our meticulous attention to detail extends to providing you with samples and proofs for verification. This allows you to review the accuracy of variable data personalization before production, minimizing the risk of errors and ensuring seamless execution.


  1. Design and Visual Appeal: Creating visually appealing direct mail pieces that capture attention is a priority for us. To address this concern, take the following actions:

a) Clearly Define Objectives: We encourage you to communicate your campaign objectives and desired audience response. Our experienced team will provide expert guidance on design elements, color schemes, and layout choices that align with your goals.


b) Professional Consulting and Design Support: If you need assistance with design, our talented team is here to help. With our expertise, we will craft visually engaging layouts, select suitable typography, and seamlessly incorporate personalized elements to make your direct mail stand out.


c) Sample Evaluation: We provide physical samples for your review to ensure the final product meets your expectations. This allows you to assess the design, paper quality, and print finish, ensuring they align with your brand image and make a lasting impact on recipients.


  1. Measuring Campaign Effectiveness: Measuring the effectiveness of your variable direct mail campaign is crucial for optimizing future efforts. Our mailing services help to deliver your message while reducing mailing costs and maximizing response.  

a) Tracking Mechanisms: Working closely with us, we will implement the appropriate mailing services, including 100% secure mailing services, Full-service IMB and USPS onsite, Postage optimization, USPS Informed Delivery, Mail Tracking, Match mailing, Ink-jet personalization, list procurement and management.  


As your partner for variable direct mail campaigns, we understand and proactively address your concerns. We ensure your variable direct mail campaign achieves outstanding results by taking proactive actions, such as streamlined data management, collaborative communication, emphasizing design and visual appeal, and implementing tracking mechanisms, to assist you in creating impactful, personalized, and successful direct mail pieces that drive your marketing goals forward.


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