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6 Essentials for Successful Direct Mail Design


Direct Mail 2 resized 600 The average consumer spends just three short seconds reviewing a direct mail piece before deciding to read on or move on. If your mailer doesn’t captivate your audience, your piece is destined for the trash. Make the most of your three seconds by utilizing the following direct mail design tips:


Clear Messaging – Keep it short and sweet! Don’t flood your reader with overwhelming amounts of content.  Instead, design for the “skimmer”, allowing immediate recognition of your service or solution with just a brief scan of the piece. Know your objective and be quick and concise about what you are trying to accomplish.


Call to Action (CTA) – Whether you are offering an incentive or simply introducing a new product or service, make sure to call your reader to immediate action. It is important that they feel inspired to act in the moment, when your offer or service is at the foremost of their mind. Don’t allow your consumer to abandon your piece for lack of direction, instead give them a clear directive on what to do next that they cannot ignore.


Offer/Incentive – Give your consumers a reason to take action. Direct mail pieces that contain an offer or incentive typically experience much higher consumer response rates than those without. Your offer need not be extravagant, just something that you believe your target audience values. Make your offer clear and fairly easy to obtain. Most people do not have the time, nor interest, in jumping through a bunch of hoops just to get something for free.


Personalization – Studies show that consumers are three times more likely to respond to an advertisement that contains personalization. Better resonatewith your reader by creatively integrating your readers name, birthdate or even purchase history into your piece. 


Size Matters – The average household receives six pieces of mail per day, equaling almost 41 pounds a year! Stand out from the crowd by utilizing a unique size. Try going big with a 6.5x11 or 8x10. This will give your piece those three imperative seconds it needs to communicate your message and hook your reader.


Get Them Involved – Engage your reader by utilizing unique formats or print techniques. Make the most of this opportunity by incorporating textures or interactive elements that will draw attention and earn your piece a second glance.


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