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USPS Promotions: Save Money + Growing Response


describe the imageMost agree the 2011 and 2012 USPS Promotions for direct mail generated increased awareness of using mobile technologies with direct mail marketing. The 2013 and 2014 Promotions were/are being created to generate continued interest in the various uses and benefits of mobile technology and highlight direct mail as a relevant part of multi-channel marketing and to ensure the long-term value of the product.


Knowledge is the Key

To continue providing knowledge of the ways in which technology can integrate with and increase effectiveness of direct mail, the 2013 Promotions already underway offer discounts by integrating mail with mobile and emerging technologies. The Mobile Coupon/Click to Call has concluded, and the Earned Value Reply Mail Promotion ends on June 30.  However, very soon marketers will have the opportunity to participate in the Emerging Technologies Promotion which will provide an up-front 2% postage discount by integrating a specific type of technological technique into the direct mail program. This program begins August 1st, and following on its heels is the highly anticipated Mobile Buy-it-Now Promotion. This promotion again provides an upfront 2 percent postage discount, this time through inclusion of a print/mobile technology that can be read by a mobile device. The experience leads the shopper to a mobile optimized web page allowing a purchase transaction to take place from the mobile device conveniently – hence the name “Buy-it-Now!” The idea is to demonstrate how direct mail combined with mobile technology can be a handy method for consumers to do their holiday shopping.


The Grapevine

Although the 2013 direct mail season is still growing and being harvested, the 2014 Promotions landscape is being cultivated. Possible promotions include: Branded/Customized Mobile Technology, BRM/CRM Earned Value, Mobile App, Small Business Coupon Promotion, Premium Advertising Product Promotion, Personalization/PURL Promotion, Audio Technology, Dynamic color printing (bills/statements), Emerging Technology and lastly Mail Drives Mobile Commerce. From a cross-media perspective, these promotions are incredibly exciting and we are already identifying ways current Customers will benefit.


Go Multi-Channel

From a printer/marketing service provider’s perspective, these promotions are not only effective in helping our Customers maximize postage savings but also opportunities to increase response and grow their sales. The increased response is measured through customized reporting of data always available, but never captured and reported as efficiently and effectively as is being done today. Print media has never before been such an integral instrument within the growing orchestra of integrated multi-channel marketing techniques. The harmony is created though savings, response and relationship building. Let us help you create a song! Contact me for more information.


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