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What to Look for in a HITRUST Printer



Secure data printing is a tricky beast. Keeping up with ever-evolving compliance requirements while still staying on schedule is a handful, at best.

At John Roberts, we have a long history with secure data printing, from HIPAA to HITRUST. When it’s time for your HITRUST printing job, here are some key features to look for in a printer:


1. Controlled Environment

When looking for a HITRUST printer, one of the first things you should look for is a secure environment that reflects awareness and directives of employees concerning the importance of controls for high security and secure mail jobs. Those controls are used to provide customers with assurance that information and supporting technical infrastructure is secure.


2. Adequate Training

Before you start working with a printer, make sure all their relevant staff have the proper qualifications. Look for a printer where all employees are required to undergo yearly training in data security. Examples of topics covered include but are not limited to: workstation security, physical security, HITRUST, HIPAA, PHI, ePHI, data security, etc.


3. Physical Security

Since printing is still a physical job, it’s important that your HITRUST Printer has the proper physical security measures in place. For example, we always use:

* Camera Verification System
* Unique Piece Identifier (Such as a 2D Barcode)
* Compliance Documentation Steps (for both the John Roberts team and for our customers’ reference)

These security measures ensure your printing is handled securely within compliance standards.


4. Clear Line of Processing

The more people that are involved in a print job, the easier it is for steps to be forgotten or something to be overlooked. It’s important to know who is working with your HITRUST documentation at each step of the way. Look for a larger team that can ensure your document is checked and verified compliant at each step of the way.


You should also have a dedicated support person who you can reach at any time. They should offer suggestions where needed to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money. At John Roberts, we always assign a dedicated support person to your account, so you’re never bounced around or left to sit on hold for hours.


Want even more secure data printing tips? Download our FREE HIPAA Compliance Checklist.


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