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Do You Know What People See In The First 3-5 Seconds They Look At Your Design?




In our visually cluttered world, you have about 3-5 seconds to get your design noticed or lost in the shuffle. What if you could predict what people are likely to see in those critical seconds and than could use that knowledge to make your design or offer stand out even more? 

Visual Attention Software(VAS) analyzes your designs, using algorithms developed by 3M scientists, that stimulate what people see during the 3-5 seconds of viewing and can analyze almost any visual - print ads, direct mail, landing pages, emails, store shelf planograms, billboards and more. 

You can somewhat compare Visual Attention Software to spell check for designers. As we know, spell check doesn't know the author's point or examine the writer's style, but does identify words that need attention. Based on actual eye-tracking studies, Visual Attention Software tests the pre-attentive vision and identifies the five(5) raw elements that people are naturally drawn to when they first gaze at something. This is the first 3-5 seconds of viewing, which is before we're aware of what we're looking at and is not affected by gender, age or culture. Post-attentive vision happens next, when our brain interprets what it's seeing.

The science behind VAS. 

VAS is the culmination of decades of vision science research. 3M first began working in vision science to improve reflective materials in work zones. The same research was applied to understanding what a consumer will notice in signage, retail displays and advertising, and VAS was born. 

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