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Providing Peace of Mind with Virtual Press Checks




Press checks are a critical component of the printing process; it is typically one of the final steps of the production cycle – to review final design, layout, color, text and print before giving final approvals to complete the job.


Before COVID-19, this process was typically reviewed in person, at our facility, for jobs that were:


* Significant in spend or volume to eliminate reruns
* Design included flesh tones, or any cosmetic review
* Design included a lot of images to verify transfer
* The designer, marketer or print buyers’ discretion


However, since the pandemic, the print industry has seen a rise of virtual press checks – and The John Roberts Company and JR Dimensional are here to provide Virtual Press Checks for additional peace of mind; free of charge. By adding more quality assurance, we may save time and problems down the line; all while keeping you more safe.




1. A pre-press meeting to set clear communication of what the expectation is; with a team consisting of you, a Press Manager, the Account Executive and/or the CSR for your account.

2. On the day of the Virtual Press Check, a FaceTime or Zoom call (whichever you prefer) to see your job ran on the press

3. During the call, you will see your job ran live on the press with one or two pulls to evaluate the work

4. Any modifications will be made to the press as needed

5. Once approved, the job will run in its entirety

6. If requested, a press sheet can be mailed immediately to you for review


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