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New USPS Mailing & Shipping Rates for 2018


The United States Postal Service (USPS) filed a notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) proposing new mailing and shipping services pricing to take effect January 21, 2018The PRC has reviewed and approved the proposed pricing changes.


Notable mailing services price changes include:


* First-Class Forever stamps from 49 to 50 cents
* Domestic Postcards stamp price increase from 34 to 35 cents
* Metered Letters price increase from 46 to 47 cents


Generally speaking, mailing services pricing will rise on average approximately 1.9%, Priority Mail (shipping services) pricing will increase on average approximately 3.9% and Priority Mail Retail pricing will rise on average approximately 0.8%.


No changes were made to the First-Class letter additional ounce rate staying at $0.21 as well as outbound international letters at $1.15 each.


We've updated our print-ready USPS Postal Rates Chart download to reflect all of the USPS pricing changes.  The postage rate chart includes changes to first-class mail, marketing mail and non-profit mail as well as a quick reference guide for mail piece and envelope size specifications.


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