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USPS offering discounts on First Class + Marketing Mail in 2024!


The Postal Service has submitted two growth incentive proposals to the Postal Regulatory Commission to encourage mail owners to increase qualifying volumes of First-Class Mail and Marketing Mail in 2024. These incentives will offer postage credits equivalent to 30% of the amount by which qualifying volumes in 2024 exceed either corresponding volumes in 2023 or one million pieces in 2024. Mail owners with fewer than one million pieces in 2023 but over one million in 2024 will have their incremental volume counted from one million pieces.

The growth incentives for First-Class Mail and Marketing Mail will be available throughout 2024, allowing mail owners to receive credits for growth beyond baseline volumes. The Marketing Mail Growth Incentive covers letters, flats, and parcels, while the First-Class Mail Growth Incentive applies to commercial letters and flats, excluding parcels and single-piece mail.

To be eligible for claiming postage credits, mail owners must register for the incentive, mail at least one million qualifying pieces in 2024, and exceed their 2023 volume. Participation is allowed in either or both incentives but cannot be combined to reach the million-piece minimum or for any other purpose.

If approved, registration for these incentives will begin in November 2023. Mail owners will register through a portal accessible via the Business Customer Gateway. As part of registration, USPS will determine a baseline volume from 2023, to which the mail owners must agree to receive postage credits. Qualified mail owners will receive credits after six, nine, and twelve months from the start of 2024, which can be used for future mailings until December 31, 2025.

More information about the requirements for participating in the First-Class Mail and Marketing Mail Growth Incentives will be available on PostalPro.


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