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The Science of Haptics and Your Next Project


There are several ways to describe it, Science of Touch, Haptics, sensory marketing, etc.  The bottom line is that using multiple senses with the proper appropriations of tactile enhancements in your next mail piece can dramatically differ from what used to be average outcomes.  A recent study showed a dramatic increase in response rates in an A/B test.  Test A ran their regular mailer with a "normal" response, and test B (a much smaller quantity) ran the same mailer but with added enhancements.  Test B had a staggering increase in customer responses.  


This is where John Roberts will make you shine; we can help you create embellished direct mail marketing pieces that can significantly impact your campaigns' effectiveness. Here's why it matters:


  1. Enhanced Visual Appeal: Embellishments such as foiling, embossing, or textured finishes add visual appeal to your direct mail pieces. These embellishments make your marketing materials stand out and capture the recipient's attention in a crowded mailbox. When your mailer looks visually appealing, it increases the chances of being opened and read.

  2. Improved Perceived Value: Embellishments (or enhancements) give your direct mail a premium, high-quality look and feel. When recipients perceive your mailer as valuable, they are more likely to associate the same level of value with your brand and offerings. This can increase interest, trust, and engagement with your marketing message.

  3. Enhanced Tactile Experience: Incorporating tactile elements into your direct mail marketing creates a sensory experience for the recipient. When people can physically interact with your mailer through textures, raised surfaces, or interactive features, it engages their sense of touch and creates a memorable experience. This sensory engagement strengthens the emotional connection with your brand and helps your message resonate more effectively.  

  4. Improved Brand Recall: Embellished direct mail pieces are more likely to be remembered than standard mailers. The combination of visual appeal and tactile experience helps create a lasting impression in recipients' minds. When they recall your brand, they are more likely to take action, such as making a purchase, visiting your store, or contacting you for more information.  Science has shown that recall is significantly higher when two or more senses are used.

  5. Differentiation and Competitive Advantage: In a world where digital marketing has a strong presence, embellished direct mail stands out as a unique and tangible medium. By investing in embellishments, you differentiate yourself from competitors who may rely solely on digital channels. This differentiation can give you a competitive advantage by capturing the attention of your target audience in a more impactful and memorable way. 

In conclusion, creating embellished direct mail marketing pieces matters because they enhance visual appeal, improve perceived value, provide a tactile experience, improve brand recall, and offer differentiation in a digital-centric world. Most consumers are overwhelmed with digital bombardment, giving unusual printed pieces a golden opportunity to take center stage. Getting embellished direct mail or packaging in the consumers' hands is an excellent opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your mail campaigns and drive better results for your business.


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