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The 8-Year Dedication of Crafting the Heritage Editions


The Saint John's Bible is a remarkable work of art and theology that took a team of experts eight years to create. In 2004, artists, calligraphers, and printers came together to discuss the reproduction of The Saint John's Bible, resulting in the Heritage Editions. The goal was to share this incredible work with people worldwide and allow them to experience its beauty and spiritual significance.

The process began with choosing suitable materials to capture the essence of the original. The team decided to use Monadnock paper, made of archival cotton, which would last for over 1,000 years. This ensured that future generations would see the same visuals as today.

The process was highly time-consuming and required meticulous attention to detail. Every aspect was carefully considered, from color matching to using four-color black ink to capture the dimension of the original. The gold foil was hand-scratched into each page to replicate the hand-illuminated work, creating a unique mark for each of the 299 Heritage Editions.

The production of the Heritage Editions was a labor of love and a testament to the team's dedication. Many people involved in the project have since passed away, but their contribution lives on in the beautiful volumes of the Heritage Editions.

The Saint John's Bible Heritage Edition has ignited the spiritual imagination of people worldwide. It is a remarkable achievement that allows people to experience the timeless beauty and significance of the Written Word.  


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