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Stand Out with Unique Direct Mail Folds! 📬


Enhance your direct mail campaigns and captivate your audience! Our collection of unique and striking folds transforms ordinary mail into unforgettable experiences. The designs showcased above are just the beginning—dive into our extensive portfolio to discover how we can make your product or service stand out like never before! 

Here are three unique folds. 


1.  Fold-Out Poster Mailer:  This innovative design elegantly conceals a stunning poster, or entire story, within its folds, revealing a mesmerizing visual treat when opened. Perfect for product launches, event promotions, or brand showcases, this mailer will captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.  See the fisherman example above.


2.  Slider:  This interactive design smoothly slides open to unveil your captivating content. Ideal for storytelling, product demonstrations, or showcasing your latest offerings, the Slider Mailer adds an element of surprise and intrigue to your direct mail campaigns. See the guitar slider.


3.  Pop-Up Mailer:  As your recipients open the mailer, a delightful surprise unfolds before their eyes. Perfect for event invitations, special promotions, or announcing milestones, the Pop-Up Mailer is a surefire way to create a memorable and engaging experience for your audience.  See the hamburger pop-up above.  It's difficult to capture in a photo, but once in your hands, it looks so real you could reach out and take the burger off the mailpiece.  One customer success story shows that they used a similar design and won an industry award.  

You can discover the simplicity of adding a unique fold or embellishment to your direct mail to make a big difference.  We have plenty of customer satisfaction to show you how powerful a small addition can turn ordinary into extraordinary.  We have a toolbox full of ideas to captivate your audience with one-of-a-kind mailers and unique designs.  We would love to share some of this inspiration with you for your next project. 


Connect with us today 763-755-5500 or success@johnroberts.com and let's bring your creative vision to life! 


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