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Part One: 10 Best Practices in Personalized URLs - Whitepaper Download




It started as a trickle and now it’s a flood – the promotion and use of personalized URLs as the latest way to grab attention, market products, and communicate with customers and prospects.

In the Best Practices for Personalized URLs Whitepaper, we dig deep into the top 10 best practices for implementing these campaigns PLUS provide many tips, case studies and even a chance to test drive creating your own PURL in a multi-channel campaign through the JR University demo.

Download the Best Practices for Personalized URLs whitepaper

Here's a little sneak peek of the top 10 best practices:

#1. Start with good marketing. 

Don't expect the personalized URL itself to generate responses.

#2. Follow the best practices for 1:1 printing in general.

Focus on relevance, not personalization, and place a high priority on building, optimizing, and utilizing your customer database.

#3. Start with a highly targeted recipient base.

#4. Evaluate the cost of programs differently.

Don't evaluate a 1:1 piece the same way you evaluate a static piece. Focus on new metrics, such as conversion rate, cost per sale and ROI.

#5. Incorporate other response-boosting elements, such as over-sized postcards or lumpy mail.

#6. Utilize the benefits of multiple media to reinforce the message.

Maintain consistency in design and business rules across all channels.

#7. Offer an incentive of high value to the recipient.

It doesn't have to be a high-dollar value offer. Just one that is the right offer for your specific client or prospect base.

#8. When possible, offer multiple channels for response.

Use general URLs, personalized URLs, tear-out forms, 800 numbers and even QR codes. Not everyone wants to respond to an offer the same way.

#9. Track, measure and respond.

Track not just who responded, but their demographics, timing and other factors. Use this information to improve your programs over time.

#10. Use the survey buttons to really learn something.

Ask questions that help you improve the depth and understanding of your client relationship and not just show off your technology skills.


Want to learn more? Dig deeper into what Personalized URLs are, how to use them and how they can bring your business success. Download the Best Practices for Personalized URLs whitepaper for the complete story, statistics and case studies. Plus, at the end there is a bonus treat with the opportunity to create your own PURL through our JR-University demo multi-channel campaign. 


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