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Paper Sturdiness Enhances Quality Perception and Response!




Today at The John Roberts Company we were fortunate to have MeadWestvaco Corporation (MWV), a paper company, visit us and WOW was it a pleasant surprise! 

Terri Krysan, Account Manager for their Commerical Printing Division, did a great presentation on how the sturdiness of paper enhances quality perception and increases ROI on direct mail campaigns. 

The best part, is she had the tests and data to back up her findings.  

She shared case studies where field testing of a 100# Coated Cover(Control) compared to Tango 12 PT C2S(Test) which is also 100# Cover provided a 38% improvement in response when using Tango!  In addition they added almost $20,000 of added profit

With many sucessful pilot results, MWV is now looking for an additional half dozen customers to partner with to validate response lift on a broader cross section of direct mail offerings.  By being part of the fieldwork, participants will be able to obtain an accurate assessment of the potential lift for their direct mail using their own product offering and graphics. 

PLUS, for a given approved direct mail project, MWV will provide up to half the total paper requirements at no cost... e.g., for 50,000 mailer project. 

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