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In response to the global Coronavirus pandemic, on March 25 Minnesota Governor, Tim Walz issued Executive Order 20-20, to help contain the spread of Covid-19 and flatten the curve. The Stay-At-Home order went into effect March 28, mandating all nonessential businesses close until April 10.  The Stay-At-Home order has since been extended to May 4, and Governor Walz has indicated he may extend the order further if necessary.



According to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, Executive Order 20-20 provides an exemption for workers who (1) work in Critical Sector and (2) cannot perform their work duties from home. A clarification was added on March 27: Workers supporting printing operations that supply Critical Sectors are exempt; other printing workers are not exempted.


Because John Roberts supports critical sectors including Healthcare, Financial, and the Food & Beverage industries, we are considered an essential business and allowed to remain open. Some may ask, how exactly does John Roberts support critical sectors? Regarding Healthcare, JR prints and mails patient communications, as well as printing support documents and signage for hospitals and clinics. JR also prints and mails customer communications for Financial Institutions and prints support documentation for financial professionals. For the Food & Beverage Industry JR prints packaging, nutritional labels, and store signage. 


To protect our employees, we have instituted procedures to mitigate risk of infection.


* All employees able to work remotely are working from home
* Social distancing and proper hygiene practiced by all employees
* Hand sanitizer is readily available throughout the building
* Face to face meetings have been replaced by virtual meetings
* Visitors are not allowed
* All work areas and equipment are sanitized at the end of every shift
* Any employee exhibiting symptoms is sent homemaxresdefault

As an essential business continuing to operate during these uncertain times, JR is committed to providing the same level of outstanding service to which our customers are accustomed to receiving,  producing print with exceptional quality, and mailing critical communications on-time, all while taking every precaution to protect our employees from Covid-19.


We value our customers, our employees, our suppliers, and our community. We understand the important role we all play in combating this infectious disease that has crippled the economy and shattered countless lives. Now more than ever we all must do our part. We’re #InThisTogether.


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