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Navigating Packaging Sustainability


Navigating Sustainability: A Balanced Approach to Packaging


As a leading commercial printing company, The John Roberts Company is committed to adopting more sustainable practices, including in our packaging. If you are beginning your journey in sustainability, where do you start?  When embarking on new sustainability goals most companies are confronted with several options that demand a comprehensive strategy in pursuing packaging solutions.


Packaging involves meticulously examining the entire cycle, encompassing every stage from inception to delivery.  As a company deeply committed to sustainable practices, The John Roberts Company comprehends the intricacies of this challenge and has assembled a team of seasoned experts to illuminate the subject and helped uncover items that will help you in the process.


Let's delve into the nuances of sustainable packaging and explore how we extend our expertise to assist clients in their mission to embrace environmentally responsible practices. Here, we present several key points that serve as guiding principles for any organization seeking to curtail its ecological footprint concerning packaging:


1.  Assess Current Modus Operandi:  First, comprehensively understand your company's packaging practices. This includes identifying the types of materials used, packaging designs, and the overall packaging process, from procurement to distribution. Gather feedback from internal stakeholders and customers to identify pain points and areas for improvement in the current packaging. This feedback may reveal packaging functionality, protection, or other issues that require attention.  Consider any industry-specific regulations, environmental standards, or packaging guidelines your company must comply with. This step ensures the new packaging solutions align with legal requirements and industry best practices.


2.  Clarify Goals:  Align internally what sustainability means for your organization. Are you ready to jump in with both feet?  Is the exploration of what is possible the first stop?  Take the time to have meaningful conversations.  Is it about using more recycled materials or reducing your carbon footprint?  Minimize plastic usage?  Defining shared goals will focus your efforts and getting stakeholder buy-in is critical.    


3.  Embrace Design as a Solution Catalyst: Once your sustainability objectives are clear, embrace the design phase as a pivotal opportunity for innovative solutions. Work closely with our packaging structural designers - we are biased but have the industry's best - to explore creative possibilities. They will delve into the entire lifecycle of your project, considering how your product is used, what shipping conditions need to be considered, and post-usage disposal.


Our skilled designers and sales team will ask questions that will lead to open dialogue and help align your sustainability goals with cost optimization and operational efficiency.


Our team is passionate about sustainable packaging and understands the importance of aligning your sustainability goals with your business objectives. We will work with you to understand your unique needs and challenges and propose thoughtful questions to help us identify the best solutions for you.


For example, we might ask you:

      1. What are the overarching goals?
      2. What are your budget considerations? 
      3. What are the key hurdles or obstacles?
      4. What do your customers expect from your products and services? Understanding your customer base and expectations enables us to tailor our solutions to meet and exceed their needs, fostering more robust customer relationships and brand loyalty.


3.  Options for a Greener Future:  We believe that sustainability is not just a trend, but a necessity.  We also understand that it's a complex issue and that there is no single solution that will work for everyone, but we are committed to helping our customers reduce their environmental impact.  


4.  Evaluate Materials and Simplify Processes:  We'll guide you through your current options and help uncover sustainable alternatives.  Part of our comprehensive exploration simplifies procedures and optimizes operations to cut down on waste.


As your trusted partner in sustainable packaging, The John Roberts Company is well-versed in navigating the intricate landscape of holistic environmental practices. Our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship empowers us to work alongside you in achieving your sustainability goals. Whether it's devising ingenious designs, responsibly sourced materials, or unraveling the complexities of eco-friendly solutions, we are dedicated to collaborating with you on your journey toward a greener future.  We are skilled in taking on the challenge from ideation and order fulfillment to doorstep delivery.  


Contact us today for refreshed, planet-friendly packaging options that align with your brand vision. Our team looks forward to collaborating with you.


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