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Made You Look! Made You Buy! - foldfactory.com and The John Roberts Company


Save the Date for May 14th, 2015 to attend the Made You Look! Made You Buy! Workshop with industry "rock star" Trish Witkowski of foldfactory.com. 

If you attended the Rock the Mailbox! Workshop at The John Roberts Company in the Fall, Trish took you through the three phases of creating effective mail, which included strategy, format optimization and analysis. Now, we're bringing her back this Spring to do a deep dive into the secret world of engagement with the Made You Look! Made You Buy! Workshop. 

Made You Look! Made You Buy! Workshop

In Minneapolis on May 14th, VIP Guests of The John Roberts Company will be invited to join Trish Witkowski, Chief Folding Fanatic at foldfactory.com, in two idea-packed “Made You Look! Made You Buy!” sessions. Due to high demand, Trish will be presenting Made You Look! Made You Buy! twice on May 14th - in the morning at 11am with lunch following and in the afternoon at 3pm with appetizers following the workshop.  

There are many ways to grab (and hold onto) the attention of your mailing audience, and Trish merely skimmed the surface of this fascinating subject in the fall, so for this next session she'll focus solely on ideas, strategies and trends including ugly versus beautiful mail, lumpy mail, freemiums and premiums, lift letters and bounce backs, creative envelopes and opening mechanisms, stamps and addressing techniques, paper, format and image tricks, the human touch, party on the back, and lots of other intriguing concepts. Learn how to "get it opened," prevent marketing fatique, and make your mail stand out in the crowd. 

Award-winning designer, educator, author and popular speaker, Trish is an animated advocate for direct mail and curator of the world’s most fascinating collection of folded print and direct mail samples.

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