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Jerry Briggs: A 40-Year Legacy of Service and Dedication


Jerry Briggs is a man of many talents. He is a gifted athlete, a family man, a world traveler, and a dedicated employee. But above all, Jerry is a kind and generous soul who has touched the lives of everyone he meets.


Jerry's journey with The John Roberts Company began in 1983 when he was a college student playing baseball and studying accounting. He met Michael Keene, the current CEO, who persuaded him to give the commercial print industry a try. Jerry has been with JR ever since and has never looked back.  He started in the bindery operating the cutter, where he worked the first shift, which is still his schedule. He is a morning person and loves the ability to start early, but he also has the better part of each afternoon doing the things he loves.   


We don't have an exact "ride off into the sunset" date yet, but we know it's approaching, and we're so happy for his wife and family (they have a daughter and a son).  They love to travel and he told us a ritual they have every January.  They pull vacation destinations, domestic and international, from a hat and begin making plans for the next adventure!  


His bigger-than-life smile and personality will forever be part of the fabric at The John Roberts Company.  It will be a bittersweet send-off when the time is right, but for now, we're happy he's still here in the Bindery doing what he does so well. 


Briggs family, we want to wish you the very best.


Thank you, Jerry, for 40+ years of dedicated service; we are grateful!




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