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The Local Touch:  Brands Are Embracing Local Packaging Design Resources

In today's globalized market, multinational corporations and brands often face fierce competition from smaller, local, or national brands. While these giants have the advantage of scale and reach, local brands often possess a unique appeal that resonates with the community. One of the critical areas where this differentiation comes into play is in design and packaging. Here's why global brands are rethinking their packaging strategy and looking for local and national resources.


1. Understanding Local Sensibilities

Local and regional brands tend to better understand their target audience's cultural nuances, preferences, and expectations. By engaging with a printer like John Roberts for design and packaging, we tap into this knowledge, creating products that speak directly to the hearts and minds of consumers.  Brands can benefit from this localized touch, ensuring their products don't appear "foreign" or out of touch.


2. Supply Chain Efficiency

Engaging local resources is about more than aesthetics and consumer appeal. It's also a strategic move in terms of supply chain management. By sourcing packaging materials and design services locally or regionally, brands can reduce transportation costs, lead times, and the risks associated with long, complex supply chains.


3. Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

The global spotlight on sustainability has never been brighter. Organizations and brands are under increasing pressure to minimize their environmental footprint. One way to do this is by reducing the distance products and materials travel.  


Tying up with organizations like PrintReleaf can amplify this sustainable impact. PrintReleaf ensures that for every tree used in printing and packaging, another is planted in its place. By aligning with such initiatives, brands contribute to environmental conservation and strengthen their image as responsible, eco-friendly entities.


4. Supporting Local Economies

Engaging local and regional resources means supporting local industries, designers, and economies. This boosts the region's economic health and fosters goodwill among consumers. A brand that contributes to the community will invariably enjoy a positive reputation and loyalty.


5. Adapting to Market Dynamics

The market is ever-evolving, and consumer preferences change rapidly. With a local resource base, global brands can be more agile and responsive to these shifts. Instead of waiting for directives from a central international team, regional teams can make quick decisions, ensuring the brand remains relevant and competitive.



Our goal at John Roberts is to build deeper connections with customers, streamline operations, and champion sustainability. 



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