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From a Last-Minute Request to Lasting Partnership: Beauty by VRAI’s Journey with The John Roberts Company


VRAI Beauty & The Dedication of John Roberts Employees - One Customer's Testimonial  


At the heart of every successful project lies a seamless partnership.  Renowned for their innovative approach and unwavering commitment to quality, partnering with Beauty by VRAI means engaging in a process characterized by clarity, creativity, and efficiency. Today, we're thrilled to share a testimonial highlighting the inherent challenges of a brand launch and celebrating the strength of our partnership and collective problem-solving capabilities. Embark on a journey with us and Beauty by VRAI—a narrative of transforming last-minute challenges into a triumphant brand launch, made possible through the dedicated all-hands-on-deck approach of the John Roberts team.  🌸✨


"In the final countdown to a cosmetics brand launch, we were faced with not being able to get packaging and collateral on time. Meaning…any of it. No partials. Nothing. And because the packaging communicates the product ingredients – a mandatory business practice for FDA compliance – it looked like the game was over. But as failure is never an option, we chose to pivot, pray, and call The John Roberts Company on a Friday afternoon. When most teams are turning off the lights for the weekend, The John Roberts Company jumped into high alert like Navy Seals on a mission. 


Paper was brought in from Chicago; perfect dielines were created by our new best friend, the Twin Cities Chapter President of the International Association of Diecutting and DIemaking (IADD); and estimating, accounting, purchasing, pre-press, press, diecutting, bindery, and shipping departments aligned schedules. I’m making it sound like a Herculean task, because it was.


Fast forward a whirlwind few days, and The John Roberts truck pulled up to much fanfare, celebration…and a successful brand launch in process. 


The talent throughout this company is staggering – in every department, on every level. And the ALWAYS WIN corporate culture must be experienced to be believed. 


As I write this, I feel as if we’ve worked together for decades, though it has only been days. This peace of mind is a testament to the hugely competent and caring Wendy Whiting. Though her title is Sales Executive, it really should be Guardian Angel.


That Friday afternoon “Hail Mary” phone call was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Beauty by VRAI (beautybyvrai.com) is awed by and deeply grateful for each and every employee of The John Roberts Company."


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