Which is Better - Frequency or Reach?

by Trish Witkowski, foldfactory.com


Rock The MailboxOften marketers make the decision to cast a wider net rather than send a smaller list of prospects multiple mailings. While you may reach a wider group by sending to the larger list, bear in mind that marketing is a relationship, and that it is very difficult to establish a relationship with only one point of contact. So, the next time you consider sending 100,000 mailpieces to an extended list, consider sending 25,000 solid prospects four mailings instead. 

How Frequent is Frequent Enough?

The word "frequent" is kind of subjective, so how frequent is frequent enough? In general you should consider sending mail every 4-6 weeks, or roughly 8-12 times per year. 

Now, the idea that you must mail frequently puts a lot of pressure on a company - after all, what if you don't have different promotions going on all the time? The drip campaign (a.k.a. continuity campaign) is the solution. Named for the drip irrigation systems that slowly release water into gardens drip by drip over time, the goal of the drip campaign is to continually send relevant content to your customers and prospects. These campaigns are not aggressive marketing campaigns, rather they are meant to nurture customer relationships, and often take the form of printed or e-newsletters, promotional brochures and postcards. These campaigns are the least time-sensitive of all, and are largely based on what you think your customer wants or needs, or where you need to supplement your mailings. Common schedules for drip campaigns tend to follow monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly strategies. 

The key is to keep the relationship going. If you pop up once every 5 or 6 months and then go away again, you're giving your customers and prospects lots of time to look for other options. Mail more frequently to stay top of mind and to build brand recognition and loyalty.