Rock Star Partnership - and The John Roberts Company

by Ann Marie Keene


Rock The MailboxStarting this fall, The John Roberts Company has partnered with industry "rock star" Trish Witkowski of to bring their customers a valuable series of publications, in-person workshops and tools that will give them the knowledge, inspiration and the confidence needed to create direct mail that performs. In this 12 month series customers will:

  • Learn about the process of creating effective mail communications from strategy, to format choice and all the way through to analysis. 
  • Learn how to get their mail opened with clever engagement techniques and opening devices.
  • Learn how technology can integrate with mail to increase response rates.
  • Understand the science behind why mail is the most effective marketing medium on the planet.

The partnership kicks-off with the "Rock the Mailbox" Workshop! 

In Minneapolis on October 16, VIP Guests of The John Roberts Company will be invited to join Trish Witkowski, Chief Folding Fanatic at, in two idea-packed “Rock the Mailbox” sessions on creating engaging direct mail. Than in May of 2015, Trish will be coming back again to Minneapolis for the “Made You Look, Made You Buy” workshop.

“In every industry providing value to customers is investing and going beyond simply serving our customer’s basic needs,” said Michael Keene, President of The John Roberts Company. “One of our many distinguishing features here at The John Roberts Company is providing continued education and resources with tactile strategies to our customers, which in turn helps grow their business.”

Award-winning designer, educator, author and popular speaker, Trish is an animated advocate for direct mail and curator of the world’s most fascinating collection of folded print and direct mail samples.


The John Roberts Company is a direct marketing services company that offers everything from digital to direct mail. By using multiple channels, data driven strategies, tracking and analytics, their clients receive significantly better results in their marketing efforts. No project is too large or too small for The John Roberts Company and they provide a customer service experience that truly makes them ridiculously easy to work with.

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