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Digital Press Highlight: HP Indigo 12K 7-Color


The HP Indigo 12000 7-color digital production press offers several benefits that contribute to its popularity and effectiveness here at The John Roberts Company:

  1. Outstanding Color Accuracy: The press utilizes advanced color management technology, enabling precise color matching and consistency across print runs. It ensures vibrant and accurate color reproduction, meeting the high-quality standards expected in commercial print.

  2. Expanded Color Gamut: With the addition of orange, violet, and green inks to the traditional CMYK color model, the Indigo 12000 provides an extended color gamut. This allows for a broader range of colors and improved color saturation, enhancing the visual impact of printed materials.

  3. Enhanced Special Effects: The press supports special effects printing, including spot varnish, raised print, and textured finishes. These effects add depth, dimension, and tactile elements to printed materials, creating visually captivating and engaging results.

  4. Versatility and Substrate Compatibility: The Indigo 12000 is designed to accommodate a broad range of substrates, including coated, uncoated, and specialty papers, as well as synthetic materials. This versatility allows for the production of various print products, from marketing collateral and brochures to labels and packaging.

  5. Short-Run Efficiency: Digital printing eliminates the need for costly setup and plate changes, making it ideal for short print runs. The Indigo 12000's high speed and productivity enable efficient production of small to medium-sized print jobs, reducing turnaround times and costs associated with traditional offset printing.

  6. Variable Data Printing: The press excels in variable data printing (VDP), allowing for the customization of individual prints within a single run. This capability enables personalized marketing campaigns, such as direct mail, targeted promotions, and personalized packaging, resulting in higher engagement and response rates.

  7. Environmental Sustainability: The Indigo 12000 incorporates environmentally friendly features, including reduced waste, low VOC emissions, and the use of energy-efficient technologies. It aligns with sustainability initiatives by minimizing environmental impact and offering eco-friendly print options.

In summary, the HP Indigo 12000 7-color digital production press offers exceptional color accuracy, an expanded color gamut, versatile substrate compatibility, and the ability to create special effects. Its efficiency in short print runs and capability for variable data printing makes it a valuable tool for personalized marketing campaigns. Additionally, its environmentally sustainable features contribute to responsible print production.


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