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Crucial Roles of the Finance Team = Healthy Business Outcomes


The following article explores how the Financial Controller and Accounting Team are impact players within John Roberts.  These folks are working tirelessly to keep us on track and help set up guardrails for the rest of the business to stay focused!  We couldn't be who we are today without them!  


The Controller: The Guardian of Financial Integrity

The Controller at The John Roberts Company is the guardian of financial integrity, overseeing day-to-day accounting operations and ensuring accurate and timely financial reporting. Key responsibilities of the Controller include:


a) Financial Reporting: The Controller is responsible for maintaining accurate financial records, preparing financial statements, and ensuring compliance with relevant accounting standards and regulations. These reports provide crucial information to stakeholders, allowing them to make informed decisions about the company's financial health.

b) Internal Controls: The Controller establishes and maintains robust internal control systems, ensuring the company's assets are protected from fraud and misappropriation. The Controller safeguards the company's reputation and ensures transparency and accountability in financial operations by implementing sound economic policies and procedures.

c) Compliance and Auditing: The Controller collaborates with external auditors, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and assisting in the audit process. By maintaining meticulous records and providing necessary documentation, the Controller ensures smooth audits and instills confidence in the company's financial statements.


In the dynamic world of finance, the roles of a CFO and Controller are indispensable in steering an organization's financial success like The John Roberts Company. The CFO's strategic vision, financial planning prowess, and risk management expertise drive the company's growth and stability. Meanwhile, the Controller's commitment to financial integrity, accurate reporting, and compliance ensure the company's operations are transparent and trustworthy.


At The John Roberts Company, the CFO and Controller work together; their collaboration is crucial in fostering a financially sound and thriving organization. Together, they bring harmony to the financial landscape, allowing the company to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and continue delivering excellence in the competitive world of commercial printing.  And, of course, they are backed by a fantastic team of accounting professionals who excel in what they do!  We are grateful to have the best in the industry under our roof!  Our Controller is Jean Mersch, the best in the biz!  Thank you, Jean and team, for all you do.


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