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Celebrating Three Decades of Excellence with Our Very Own, Kimberly Poster



Celebrating Three Decades of Excellence with Kimberly Poster 


In the winter chill of December 1993, an opportunity knocked at Kim's door, leading her to the vibrant corridors of John Roberts. Her journey began in the bindery department, where Kim showed her dedication and growth, evolving from an eager helper to a skilled stitcher operator. Her nocturnal symphony with the machines spanned 16 years on the third shift, a testament to her unwavering commitment.


Over thirty years, Kim has been a front-row witness to the revolutionary technological transformation, embracing automation that has enhanced efficiency and relieved the job's physical demands. Yet, the true essence of her longevity at John Roberts lies in the boundless opportunities for learning and advancement and the camaraderie of coworkers who have become more like family.


Nestled in the heart of Ramsey, Kimberly cherishes moments with her sons, Clay and Kyle, whose mere mention brings a radiant smile to her face. Away from the hum of the machines, she finds solace in embracing nature, fishing, camping, and reveling in the joy of social gatherings with loved ones. During a challenging seven-year period of caring for her elderly parents, the unwavering support from her John Roberts family was a beacon of strength and comfort.


As she navigates through her well-deserved moments of relaxation, retirement remains a distant thought for Kim. With dreams of northern retreats with her boyfriend, she remains a cherished gem in the John Roberts family.


Kimberly, your journey is a beacon of inspiration, and we are profoundly fortunate to have you with us. Congratulations on this monumental 30-year milestone!



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