FOLD of the WEEK: Buzz-Building Fundraiser

by Ann Marie Keene



First, we are super excited here at The John Roberts Company today to have Trish Witkowski present Rock the Mailbox at 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. with delicious food and refreshments following. I know our VIP clients share in this excitement as well!

FOW: As Trish notes on this weeks Super cool Fold of the Week - keeping in line with the fun and interactive themes of the past few weeks, this week's selection is a really creative format(not a fold).

Why does The John Roberts Company think this is a cool piece?

Because this is a fabulous concept! Created as a "buzz-builder" for an upcoming capital campaign for a children's museum, this piece uses a childhood toy as the delivery device and creates and interactive viewing experience.  Watch the video

An of course, if you would like to discuss more engaging techniques, let's connect! 

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