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Brochure Design and Your Print Partner here at The John Roberts Company

Some may believe that print materials like brochures may no longer be relevant in a world where information is readily available online. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Brochures have survived and thrived in the digital age thanks to the evolution of distinct design and the crucial role played by your print partner.  Let's talk about how these two factors have combined to make brochures relevant and robust marketing and communication tools.

The Art of Brochure Design:

Gone are the days of plain, text-heavy paper, as we have evolved into captivating and engaging marketing materials. Several factors drive the advancement of design:

1. Creativity: Our Designers now have access to many tools and resources, allowing them to experiment with fonts, colors, layouts, and imagery. This enables them to create visually stunning brochures that instantly catch attention.

2. Personalization: We create personalized pieces tailored to individual preferences and demographics through data analytics. This level of personalization makes the content more relevant and engaging for the target audience.

3. Interactivity: John Roberts' printing technology advancements have introduced interactive elements to brochures. QR codes, augmented reality, and embedded screens transform static paper into an interactive experience.

4. Sustainability:  We strongly emphasize sustainability in everything we do, including building brochures. We use eco-friendly materials, minimalist methods, and efficient printing techniques to ensure your projects are visually appealing and environmentally responsible.

The Power of a Good Commercial Printer:  Connect with us success@johnroberts.com

While creative design is crucial, your print partner is vital in bringing those designs to life. Here are some of the ways we contribute:

1. Quality Printing: We are dedicated to the art of print and use high-quality printing technology to reproduce colors and images with exceptional clarity and precision. This ensures your project looks as stunning on paper as on the screen.  Research shows that a well-crafted piece needs to capture the recipient's attention for at least 9 seconds to make a lasting impression for information recall. We have a treasure trove of customer success stories that back this up.  

2. Variety of Materials:  Consider various paper types, finishes, and sizes. This versatility allows designers to choose the perfect materials for your vision, whether a glossy finish for a luxury brochure or a matte finish for an eco-friendly appeal. In the past decade, there has been a surge in the popularity of innovative folds that can truly transform an ordinary piece into something enchanting and extraordinary.  Connect with us to see some of the latest and greatest at success@johnroberts.com

3. Efficiency: Time is often of the essence in marketing campaigns.  We can produce large quantities of brochures quickly and efficiently, meeting tight deadlines without compromising quality.  Pick three: quality, service, and price.  

4. Cost-Effectiveness: Despite our advanced capabilities, John Roberts works with you for a cost-effective project, especially for large print runs. This accessibility makes high-quality brochure production attainable for businesses of all sizes.

Proper design, combined with the expertise of a reliable printer like The John Roberts Company, has revolutionized the industry into an indispensable marketing tool in the digital era. No longer mere static pieces of paper, these projects have transformed into captivating, interactive, and eco-friendly materials that captivate audiences and drive exceptional results. 


At John Roberts, our expertise makes you stand out from the crowd.  Connect with us to learn more about our award-winning solutions:  success@johnroberts.com or 763-755-5500


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