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Branded Packaging Solutions: A Comprehensive Approach


In the realm of commercial packaging, it is paramount to adopt a holistic strategy that seamlessly melds traditional expertise with cutting-edge technological advancements. We are pleased to present a suite of services that encapsulates this ethos, offering a blend of design ingenuity, supply chain acumen, inventory management, and impeccable customer relations. The multifaceted challenges of liaising with numerous packaging vendors are now a relic of the past.


The adage that first impressions are pivotal holds especially true in the packaging domain. Our custom-printed folding cartons, crafted from durable, versatile, and recyclable materials, not only aesthetically elevate your products but also ensure their protection and efficient delivery. We'd like to invite you to delve into the myriad potentialities of packaging.


Exploring Closure Varieties:


  • Straight Tuck Boxes: A straightforward and dependable closure mechanism ideal for folding cartons that necessitate both simplicity and reliability.

  • Reverse Tuck Boxes: An economically prudent choice, these closures expedite the product loading process and are particularly suited for items of a lighter constitution.

  • Auto-Bottom Boxes: Tailored for products with a heftier weight, these boxes are not only swift to assemble but are also conducive to automated loading processes.

John Roberts crafts eco-friendly packaging strategies tailored for an expansive range of consumer and industrial sectors. We produce bespoke folding carton packaging for numerous trusted brands you rely on daily.


Connect with us at successs@johnroberts.com or 763-755-5500


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