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40 Years of Dedication: Celebrating Steve's Inspiring Journey



Steve's journey at The John Roberts Company is a heartwarming story of unexpected beginnings and steadfast commitment. Joining us from North Saint Paul in 1983, he quickly found his place in the bindery department, growing from a helper to a skilled operator. Over 40 years, he's seen technology evolve but always cherished the constant camaraderie with coworkers.

Steve shares a blissful life outside work with Mary, his wife of 37 years. Together, they enjoy gardening, fishing, camping, and road trips, reflecting a deep, enduring bond. They're proud parents to David and Eric, with a memorable trip to Vancouver planned.

Steve's daily enthusiasm mirrors that of a newcomer, with retirement still a distant thought. His dedication to work and joy in life's simple pleasures are inspiring. Congratulations, Steve, on an incredible 40-year journey with us, filled with professional growth and personal happiness. Here's to many more fulfilling years! 🌟


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