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A Client Story


I spoke with a client recently who was talking about his experience with John Roberts.  He worked with our team on a project for a massive vendor of his.  Naturally, the message they had submitted was right, but the client had the artwork he wanted to use.  He submitted the final project - fully confident it was perfect - and started the countdown to when it would be completed.


The next afternoon, he received a call from someone in John Roberts customer service, let's call her Eileen, asking if he wanted a particular part of the brochure laid out as his design showed.  He quickly assured Eileen it was as he wanted it to be.  After a few minutes with the client discussing a potential design error, Eileen explained some things the client had missed, and they agreed to make the change.  It was a slight change on paper but would have been a large miss-step once printed.  He recalled how grateful he was that the files were thoroughly reviewed and someone picked up the phone to discuss the possible negative outcome, which would have been a challenging and costly conversation with his client.


This was a big moment for the client, but it's what we do in the daily grind here.  The customer service rep, in this case, has many years of experience, but I've seen pre-emptive actions from some of the newest people on our team. It's our practice to have senior employees pass down their knowledge and meticulous approach to newer team members, ensuring consistency in the company's work quality will continue.  Seasoned employees train new people, and the trait of proud ownership is passed on and a careful eye on every detail. It's how we roll.  


If you think the days of face-to-face or ear-to-ear communication are a thing of the past, we'd love to show you how a team that cares, works hard, and loves the communities we come from - can also make a difference with your next project.  In this story, JR (Eileen) saves the day, saves face for the client, and all ends well. We will do the same for you!


Reach out; we'd love to talk you through our processes at 763-755-5500 or success@johnroberts.com.



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