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NEW April 2015 Postal Mailing Rates



Download a copy of the NEW APRIL 2015 Quick Postal Rate Reference Chart* for First-Class, Standard and Non-Profit Mail by clicking on the button below. 


The USPS Postal Rates Chart* also includes a Postal Specifications Chart plus a handy Envelope Size Guide.

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance please contact your JR Sales Representative or email us at goodtoknow@johnroberts.com 

Download a digital copy of the JR 2015 Postal Rates* chart below.

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*The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) has yet to be approved by the USPS rate request.The PRC has met with the USPS and requested updated supporting information from the USPS during two formal review sessions. Our belief is the PRC and the USPS will come to terms on the proposed rate changes. However, at this time it is unclear whether the April 26, 2015 effective date will be maintained or if a new effective date will need to be announced as a result of the extended review process. 


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