3 Advantages of Having a Company e-Newsletter

by Ann Marie Keene

describe the imageDid you know that E-newsletters are the third most popular B2B content marketing tactic used? Businesses must develop strategies to attract customers and retain the ones that exist. Using e-Newsletters are a great way to keep customers up-to-date with information regarding your company. Newsletters should represent your company.

You have to first determine your goal, when creating email newsletters. What would you like to achieve? If you are a B2C company, you may want to nurture your existing contacts. You want to be the company that comes to mind when they need a service or product in your industry. On another hand, your goal might be to increase social sharing, so you attract new visitors. Email Newsletters are a great way to help you achieve your marketing goal.


3 Advantages of e-Newsletters:    

Brand Awareness

Daily and weekly newsletters create anticipation in readers because they get into the habit of receiving it. Your readers will recognize your brand and associate with it. People are likely to stay subscribed to these newsletters as long as the content is enjoyable and relevant to them. Your e-Newsletters need to look professional, keeping them consistant with your company's brand. 

Repurpose Content

In most cases, the information found in company e-Newsletters has already been published. Keep in mind, that your newsletter can be a summary of one of your blogs. Since blogs are of passive effort, Be sure to include a link to the article from the newsletter. You will direct people to your company website because they're engaged with your content.

Diverse Content

You have a lot of freedom when considering what content to include within a newsletter. You can share a blog post, discounts and new offers of your products/services. Include announcements on upcoming events. Also, you may want to include a link to a survey.


Newsletter Tips!

Newsletters tend to compile a lot of information, so a call-to-action may not be specific to the reader. Newsletters that have a lot of series/blurbs, that will distract the attention of the readers instead of being focused on a certain element. The most important information should be at the top of the newsletter. Include CTAs that are clear after each block of text.

Spend some time on the design of your newsletter. You need to be sure that you have the right placement of text and images. Be sure to prioritize your content.

Newsletters are great for nurturing your existing customers with information regarding your company. You may want to include company news, product announcements, events, feedback requests. You will be able to retain happy customers, through this ongoing communication. Your customers will be able to share information about your company. Newsletters are also great for marketing to prospects.


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