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Introducing JR Dimensional



The John Roberts Company introduces JR Dimensional.


A little over two years ago, the talented workforce and specialized equipment of HM Graphics in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was combined with the resources of The John Roberts Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since that time, the two plants have worked together to provide a comprehensive suite of capabilities to help clients achieve their marketing goals.


While the core of who we are and the products we offer does not change, this rebranding strategy will strengthen our future growth by helping to identify our brand in the marketplace.


We will continue to make improvements to simplify the way our clients do business with us; invest in state-of-the-art technology and deliver valuable tools intended to make marketers and buyers job easier.


JR Dimensional provides seamless access to our clients for structural products that can be mailed, serve as packaging for a product, a free-standing display, or as a three-dimensional promotional vehicle which can be kitted with samples, products, or other promotional items is where we excel. In addition, and new to commercial printing, is combining the power of technology to print, such as audio, video, motion, augmented reality, and other special effects.


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